Celestial Bodies Series Now Complete

With the creation of Celestial Bodies W–Z, this  series is now complete, with all 26 letters of the alphabet represented, from Aldebaran to Zosma. Moreover, I have also created a photo book which includes all 26 images plus some text inspired by Galileo’s groundbreaking observations of the moon. He was the first one to publish observations of the moon using that newfangled technology, the telescope. He created an augmented version of the device and trained it on the heavens, applying his knowledge of phenomena close at hand to the things he saw above. He also looked at Jupiter and saw its moons for the first time, and figured out that they were moons. He was remarkably perceptive. He is one of my heroes. Here is the title page of his book, The Starry Messenger (1610), next to the title page of my book (2015). Now this book and the fine art prints it reproduces are available for sale online.

An open-edition photo book of all 26 images plus text available online at http://www.blurb.com/b/6381958-celestial-bodies

Prints are for sale online at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LedaBlackFineArt